Turbocharger rebuild Los Angeles

All turbochargers will ultimately fail. As such, isolating what led to their failure is crucial. If your turbocharger requires service, we can help. At Samperio Turbo Rebuild, we’re a reputable company that offers turbocharger rebuild in Los Angeles. We rebuild turbochargers with care and expertise, and deal in almost all makes and models of turbo. We’ll thoroughly examine, diagnose your turbocharger, and then give you a repair estimate.

What to Expect During A Rebuild

The first step is a complete inspection. Next, the flanges are marked correctly for clock orientation. While clocking is an important aspect, it’s often overlooked during rebuilding. Diagnosing the actual cause of failure is crucial in making sure that another turbocharger failure isn’t repeated.

After a proper diagnosis, we’ll process your turbocharger. Here, components such as the bearing housing, turbine housing, and compressor housing are hot-tanked, and then media blasted to make sure all the carbon deposits are removed. 

The turbine shafts and bearing housing are also checked for tolerance. Obsolete or damaged parts are machined and repaired depending on the availability of the replacement parts. On the other hand, parts that are out of specs are replaced. Also, if the wastegate is damaged, its replaced.

Is it Possible to Rebuild Your Turbo at Home?

It’s not advisable that you rebuild your turbo on your own because you may not be perfect in every service needed. Besides, if you don’t use a balancing machine, your turbo may fail due to imbalance. Machine-balancing makes sure that the gap does not leak when your turbo fills with oil during operation.

It’s best to balance your turbocharger when assembling it and even after assembly. An improper balance of the turbo can burn out the thrust collar, seals, and bearings. Balancing is the placement of the shaft and wheel in the bearing housing, on high-speed balancing. This is essential for the proper functioning of the turbo.

Indications That Your Turbocharger Needs A Rebuild

Here are signs that your turbocharger needs a rebuild:

  • Engine warning lights
  • Engine power loss
  • Increased oil consumption
  • Excessive exhaust smoke
  • Loud siren noise

Engine lubrication problems are the most common cause of turbocharger failure. Turbo-compressor and turbine wheels are mounted here. Oil starvation and contamination can lead to turbo failure. Faulty turbos can be repaired unless the damage is on the outer housings.

The Cause of Shaft Play in Turbo

When the bearings in the center section of the turbo wear out, the shaft starts to play. Shaft play is the wiggling motion of the shaft. With the bearings worn out, the shaft scarps against the turbo insides. This produces whining sounds.

Trusted Turbocharger Rebuilders with Excellent Expertise

We at Samperio Turbo Rebuilders are professionals specializing in providing reliable, timely, and cost-effective turbo services to vehicle owners. We make your turbo maintenance process easy and affordable. When you bring your turbo for balancing, it is not a must you come with the whole turbo. Just bring the turbine shaft, lock nut, compressor wheel, and the thrust parts. At our facility, we also do turbo cleaning services. If you’re looking for quality turbocharger rebuild in Los Angeles, contact us today on (909) 365-4662.

Turbocharger rebuild Los Angeles

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Turbocharger rebuild Los Angeles

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