Article provided by: Bostic Motors Inc.

New 6.5 engineTake a look at the new Optimizer 6.5 liter diesel engine and discover what fuel economy can do for your budget. Bostic Motors manufactures improved and updated 6.5 engines- in fact, they’ve been building the 6.2 and the 6.5 engines exclusively since the 1900s. If experience matters, Bostic Motors has what you’re looking for.

It’s official- you can have all of GM’s and AM General’s most recent updates to the 6.5 engine at a better price than any dealer can offer you. Bostic Motors assembles these engines using all new, redesigned block and heads that address and eliminate the old cracking issues that have been playing them for years.

If you’ve been thinking about a new 6.5 engine but had heard about the old problems with blocks and heads cracking, you can have confidence knowing there has not been a single cracking issue since the improvements have been implemented. Due to the improvements, Bostic Motors’ new 6.5 is among the toughest, longest-lasting 6.5L diesel engines available today.

It’s your choice to shop around, but be careful who you ultimately do business with- other companies claim to sell new block/head engines but are using the old casting forms that have not had improvements made to them and are built with poor quality alloys from China- exactly the product that demonstrated its inability to resist cracking. In the end, you’ll find there are only a handful of companies offering the real, improved, new 6.5 engine with updated castings.

You can purchase the new 6.5 engine as a long block or as a drop-in. Bostic Motors also offers a 6.5 Marine engine that has been built specifically for Marine applications, with an 18:1 ratio and a forged crank. As well, their experts build 6.2L engines, including a limited supply of N.O.S. new and improved 6.2 blocks.

Why place your order with Bostic Motors? Aside from the unmatched quality of their products, available at the lowest prices anywhere, there is their generous guarantee. With their unlimited milage, one-year warranty, their guarantee covers every engine that they sell, including their new and improved 6.5 and rebuilt 6.5 diesel engine. This guarantee also applies to engines used in commercial service- a guarantee you won’t find very often.

Before your new 6.5 engine is shipped to you, it is individually hot-run on a dynamometer, during which time the camshaft and lifters are properly run-in and the engine is closely monitored for any sign of oil or coolant leakage. All new and reman engines are CNC machined, including line boring and decking. Dynamometer testing is the main reason why Bostic Motors does not offer short-blocks, which cannot be tested properly on the dyno.

Ready to find out more? Take the tour at, where you can see the new 6.5 engine for your particular application, whether that is for a truck or suburban, van, bus, motorhome, civilian H-1, HMMWV or other vehicle. Contact Bostic Motors by calling 828-453-7779 with any questions.